What is Interior Designing ?

The perception that interior is an epitome of class, where style and status are expressed to mesmerize and amaze is actually a myth. In its simplest form it is just a way of converting house into home. As it reflects your broader personality, you can take it to any level of living standard. But to do the same in professional manner we have to give lots of thoughts, efforts, improvisations and implementation to Innovate 'n' design and remain purposeful as per your objective, taste, utility, space and standard. Thus Interior Design is basically compiling things based on Innovation and design and arranging them aesthetically so it creates an absolute new and exclusive environment and that is where it becomes an expensive affair. Creating a whole new things on an innovative new concept at any level is been neither an easy job nor an exact mathematics. Hence estimation and budgeting is just a guideline for all involved persons to keep their level checked in their own interest.

Note: Designer things require broader approach; hence your budget must be 25% higher than the designer’s estimation specially where design is based on innovation 'n' design and the entire amount should be remain available during the project.

Why go for Interior Designer? What Interior Designer does for you?

It's a fact that you are the most suitable designer of your requirement. Coz you have the correct understanding of your objective, you are the true judge of your taste and on economical point of view you are your guarantor and actual well wishers. If you think you are smart enough to create, construct, innovate, implement and inspect than give it a try first, even failure teaches you something new. And If you have any near and dear one looks faithful, ready to provide complementary advice of your favour, approach him/her next, to do the same job you want to be carried out by any enormously charging professionals. As Any professional supposed to do the same job, has his own system, style, method, approach and reputation attached to it. Thus, An Interior Designer is just a professional who gets your requirement, understands your objective, read your taste and include some ingredient of his thought to conceptualise an idea, create a new theme by convert it into a design, improves the entire ambience to spread it according to your space and made all that a reality as per your acceptability.

Note: Narrow minded person with miser thinking, cheap taste, short sight and temperament must avoid Interior Designer as they work against their lifelong belief.

How to choose an Interior Designer?

First and far most thing are to understand, in the field of design, art, innovation and creativity, nobody is no. 1, 2, 3 or 4. Sometime an ultimate design fails to become reality, where a simple reality became an ultimate design & proves its objectivity. That's why go through and check some of his/her latest works and projects he/she actually designed and completed. Access whether he/she is up to your taste or near, his understanding of designing, his creativity quotient, innovation capability and approach. Get feedback of his working process, reputation and background not only from his client's (as they might show some generosity & meanness) but also from other sources like suppliers, contractors and the medium called market. Forget about fees and charges he/she demanded and get ready to work for. One, who able to get your home, office and institution for quite a few days and become in charge of it has lots of other means to get what he/she actually wants.

Note: A person with lots of spare time to indulge at project must avoid Designers as undue interference is hindrance to quality work and creativity.