Terms & Conditions:

0. No Suggestion, meeting or visit would be considered complimentary (irrespective of the project undertaken) and chargeable @ Rs. 1000 per visit.
1. No work would be undertaken without advance deemed as non-refundable token amount (for Commercial Project minimum Rs. 10,000 or 2.0% of Project whichever is higher & for     Residential Project minimum Rs. 20,000 or 2.0% of Project whichever is higher).
2. Once the drawing has been finalized and acknowledged as per specifications, only minor changes would be accepted otherwise treated as a new project.
3. Construction work required or suggested is not a part of our interior work and its entire responsibility lies separately.
4. Payment of Design, Layout and 3D must be cleared as soon as all the final printouts delivered with required details (In case of commercial and Institutional project post dated cheque (PDC)     fulfils the particular condition).
5. Payment of Inspection and supervision would be divided in two instalments (if commercial) and five instalments (if residential) and raised in form of post dated cheques (PDC).
6. If anything found unpaid after reasonable period, we bear no responsibility of project, timing, persons & finishing. Also the project would be going to seize if any of your instrument of     payment stopped, bounced or dishonoured.
7. A full time Caretaker/ Supervisor/ Watchman are the first and far most requirement along with proper electric connection, two 4pin multiple point extensions, two tube lights, fans
    (in summer), fresh drinking water and facility of tea (in both working session) for all the working staffs.
8. Unless specified otherwise above specified percentage would be calculated on standard procedure.
9. We bear only practical responsibility of the person and material suggested all the other things lies with the Client.
10. Interior work is mainly carried out by contractors and labours those are socially bound with orthodox thinking, hence delay is only and only regrettable.
11. If any purchase and commitment made by our side in acute necessity, its entire responsibility lies on the client and that amount must be cleared in any payment mode as earliest.
12. If client is interested in outside contractors, we do not bear any functional responsibility as well as their timing.
13. If any electronic equipment require exclusive type of installation than it would be included as material.
14. If any accidental loss of material occurs during the project in progress, it must be beard by the client.
15. Excluding Service Tax all the other liabilities and deduction must be cleared at your hand.
16. Outstation visit and inspection would only be made confirm, when travel and stay would be pre booked by the client.
17. These Terms and Conditions are applicable for reasonable period of undertaken project, access delay is further chargeable.
18. If the structure of the site is older than ten years than it would be treated as blank irrespective of anything exist.
19. All payments should be made by cheques/digital/online in favour of Innovation ‘n’ Design, Bhilwara. (No cash accepted)
20. All disputes are subjected to Bhilwara jurisdiction.