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    Interior Designer must be a very different type of person; he/she might be very best either in style, art, sculpture and creation or versatile in all. He/she must have a very different and unique approach toward all the things of life. As designing is basically, creating the same old thing in all together different manner. That’s why a designer should be very creative, innovative and imaginative in his/ her approach and love to visualize and create new things in his/her own methods. For me it is a part of my life as I love to explore new idea, experiment with changes and flirt with all the existing rules and even believe tradition, value and custom and want to redesign everything of life. It is a hobby turn into profession for me. I love to design every relevant thing since childhood. I was good in studies especially in math and science, excellent in drawing and craft and always earned appreciation and attention through my imaginative and innovative approach in art, sports and extracurricular activities. Thus my life made me versatile, hardworking, reliable and honest as well as very candid and expressive. Although I was active in the field of architectural and designing since 1996 but it was not taken seriously. Designs and suggestions given earlier to near and dear ones were honestly appreciated but considered as generous complement. I first designed a small house of our relative, then our own house when one architect refused to design such a small house. After that a three star waterfall resort for one of our professional acquaintance, then an office of a professional friend where his designer refused to provide more option as per his requirement, than a garden restaurant of distant relative and finally a showroom of known young entrepreneur and during that in 2008 an appreciation made by two unknown observers and their willingness to get my design and service in professional manner given a new dimension to my thought to convert that hobby into profession, first one become my first commercial client and second one become my first residential clients and I never looked back after that. Within seven year of short span locating in a small city like Bhilwara, Rajasthan our profile have almost all type of clientele and we are among the most promising Interior Designer of our region to provide designing and supervision to almost all type of project, majority of proper paying are now our loyal client’s and only non paying are the unsatisfied ones. From a small house to residential apartment, restaurant to waterfall resort, showroom to commercial project, clinic to hospital, shop to saloon, branch office to head office, call centre to institute, landscape to farmhouse resort, centre table to folding counter and mere colour exterior to entire project; we designed everything using innovative new approach as per client’s objective, requirement and space. We innovated duplex office with round stairs, natural wooden flooring, square umbrella shaped POP, waves POP, sliding folding counter, One inch table legs, plain glass office in wooden grips, centre revolving glass door, vertical sliding folding, folding dining table, SS bracket based round glass stairs, sliding folding profile window, sliding gate within folding gate, automatic folding round stairs, cantilever stair on 4” wall and fully recliner sofa’s for home theatre. As we love to design things with some innovation and new method, genuinely way wearied from routine approach hence we become Innovation ‘n’ Design. Take a note that design and its beauty become complementary if it does not serve your actual purpose or objective of change. Here your designer is B.Sc., PGDCA, PGDMM and legally qualified person with innovative approach and impartial interest. Where other’s scratch you from the back to let you learn and understand the methods of compromising we will teach and guide you how to approach from the front and portrait yourself in a best possible decent manner. It is entirely up to you to choose a person from your very own prospective. Designer

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    Client (s) Requirement
    Concept & Layout 0.5%
    Structural Design, Dimensions &3D 1.5%
    Masonry Contractor 225-300 Sq. Feet
    Client (s) Watchman/Supervisor 4000-7000-10000
    Cement 250-300 per Beg
    Bricks 4-8 per Piece
    Sand 1200-1800 per Tractor Trolley
    Stone 1200-1500 per Tractor Trolley
    Red Stone 60-90 Sq. Feet
    Bar (Tor/Saria) 48-54 per Kg.
    Gravel (Gitty) 3000 per Trolley
    Sanitary Pipes & Accessories 40-45/ 65-120
    Plumber 2500-5000
    Gate, Window & Vent
    Wood, Frame and Borders
    Electrical Pipes, Junction & Boxes
    Electrician 9/15 Sq. Feet
    State EB installation as per norm
    Bath & Kitchen Layout
    Stone and Tile Applicator
    Panning, Wall Putty, Protective Coating
    MS/ SS Fabricator/ Tensile
    Paint & Colour
    Exterior Design 150-300-400-600-900
    Exterior Tile/ Stone Applicators 45-120
    Garden & Landscape
    Water Proofing
    Pest Control
    ACP Exterior 165-250 Sq. Feet
    Renovation 900-1200 Sq. Feet
    Inspection 1.5%
    Turnkey 4.5%
    Practical & Functional problems
    Complimentary Solutions


    Client (s) Requirement
    Concept & Layout 1%
    Design, Dimensions & 3D 4%
    PMC Project Management Consultant
    POP/Ceiling Design 40-120
    POP Plain Square feet+ Design Running feet+ Layers
    Electricians 15-45
    Electrical Wiring & Cables
    AC Pipes/ Cable180-220
    DoT/LAN/ Camera/ Internet Wiring 60-75
    Floor Tiles 45-200
    Tile Applicators 15-30
    Electrical & Distribution Boxes 1-16-30 Module
    Drainage 500-1500 per AC
    Kitchen/ Pantry 10000-15000
    Tiles/ Granite/ Stone 45-300/100-600/100-300/
    Marble/ Italian/ Corian/ Onex 80-1200/300-1200
    Moulding 35-105
    Design/ Skirting 15-30
    Chimney / Microwave/ Burner 6000/25000
    Teak Wood Burma/CP 2100-3600
    Particle/ MDF/ Boards/ MR Ply / BWR Ply 40-90-120-150
    Carpenter 25-30-35 Percent
    Kitchen Trolley/ Basket/ Innotech 1200-3000
    Hardware/ Accessories/ Fittings As per taste
    MS/ SS Fabricator 75-100/ 400-800-1600-3000
    Mika/ Veneer/ ACP/ MDF 1200-3000
    CnC/ Laser/ Waterjet
    Glass Plain/ Toughened 90-175
    Polish/ Itching 25-250
    Paint/ Texture Paint 60-150
    Painter 15-60
    Wall Paper/ Punning/Sound Proofing 65-90-150-250
    Foam/Cloth/ Leather 300-600-900-1200-2400
    Cushioning 250-500 per Feet
    Blinds/ Curtains/ Screens 200-600 per Sq. Feet
    Tensile, Awning/ Canopy, Sheet & Shade 1000-150 per Sq. Feet
    Switches/ MCB/ Controller Panel 100-300
    Lighting Supplier 250-500-1000-1500-3000
    Chandelier/ Panels 2000-6000-18000-120000
    Fans, Exhaust / Geyser 1600-4800/ 7000-25000
    Camera/ Audio/ Video & Security Solution 3000-6000
    Computer/ LAN/ Wi Fi Installer 500-1500
    AC Supplier 30000-45000-75000-120000
    Bath Fittings 10000- 20000-60000-120000
    Plumber 2500-7500 per bath
    Sanitary Ware 4500-120000 per Bath
    Artifacts & Decorative Art Work as per taste
    Inspection 2.5%
    Turnkey (in India) 4.5%
    Electronics/ Equipments As per specification
    Wall, Floor, Furniture Show pieces
    Practical & Functional problems
    Complimentary Solutions

  • Our profile include verity of Interior Designing and Construction Projects

    Sanjay Somani & Associates, Mark Us, Ranoli Fabric P. Ltd., Hi-Kraft, Do Well Shine Marketing, Aditya Enterprises, Shraddha Suitings, Shree Ram Synthetics (Pearl), Dhansampada Agencies, Sonal Agency, Citizen Suiting, Insurance Hub, Do Well International (UP,Joanpur), Do Well International (Jaipur), Anil & Deepak Rathi, , Shree Guru Kripa Enterprises, Seven Star Sulz, R Ayush & Company, Prakash Lighting.......
    Commercial / Showroom
    Aagam Computer Solution, Shree Balaji Earthmovers, Dadhiwalla Lo’real (Satyam), Do Well Shine Call Centre, Bajrang Cloth Centre, Dadhiwala Wella (Inderprasth), Nahar Medical, Bhavna Ply, Raj Boot House, Nakoda Agencies, Rishabh Laminates, Abhi’s Creations, Beauty Junction (Chittorgarh), Naveen Electronics, Deepak Hairdress…….
    Do Well Mini Flats, Nakoda Mansion.......
    Hotel/ Mall
    Do Well Trade Centre, Bahuranipur (Jhnasi)
    Clinic/ Hospital
    Mahesh Hospital, Kalyani Eye Hospital, Dr. Anurag Jain.......
    Resort/ Farm House
    Menal Waterfall Resort P. Ltd., Krishna Farm, Do Well Farm & Resort.......
    Restaurant & Cafe
    Chinkara, Unnamed (Jaipur).......
    Bright Infocomp Solution Pvt. Ltd., Swift College of IT & Management, , Samy Web Technologies, UniNets (Gurgaon).......
    Jagdish Kabra, Sunil Jagetia, Ajay Nenawati, Narender Patodia, Prabash Choudhary, Jabbar Singh Nahar, Keshav Tikkiyani, Prasun Pokharna, Nirmal Bothra, Rampal Soni, Ghanshyam Soni, Rajender Chechani, B.L. Somani, Ravinder Jain, Rishi Shyamsukha, Shyam Seth, Sharad Shankar Kabra, Rajender Sharma, R.P. Sukhwal, Ashok Jain, Shailender Sharma, Chetan Kabra (Ahmedabad), Tikam Mathur (Udaipur), Ashok Kumar Sharma, Deepak Mishra (New Delhi)…….
    Architectural Drawing
    Avinash Jha, Menal Waterfall Resort P. Ltd. Cafeteria, Shree Balaji Earthmover, Do Well Homes, Shyam ji Seth, Rajender Sharma, Do Well Flats & Hostel, Do Well Trade Centre, Bahuranipur (Jhnasi), Alok Agal, Ashish Agal, Shailender Sharma, Chetan Kabra, Krishna Farm, Jai Prakesh Kothari, Mukesh Jagetia.......
    Avinash Jha, Menal Waterfall Resort P. Ltd. (Cafe’teria), Shree Balaji Earthmover, Shyam Seth, Rajender Sharma, Shailender Sharma, Chetan Kabra (Ahmedabad), Deepak Mishra (New Delhi).......

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